Serpa Cyclin'Portugal Center

The municipality of serpa has excellent characteristics for the practice of mountain biking, widely referred to by practitioners who travel to this municipality to ride a bicycle. The implementation of the BTT Center, aims to attract new audiences for the region, boost the municipality for outdoor activities and nature sports, boosting the local tourist and economic activity. The created routes admit to each other, several connections and combinations that allow to reach all the parishes of the municipality, giving an overview of the entire region.
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MTB Transalp · Serpa
Great Crossing - Serpa
Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 125.6 km
Duration 12:35 h
Ascent 1,074 m
Descent 1,074 m

Take the challenge of cycling two days in Serpa, staying overnight along the way, choosing from the various options that this territory has to offer.

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Difficulty Open
Distance 12.8 km
Duration 1:05 h
Ascent 98 m
Descent 98 m

This is the easiest and most accessible route for all ages. With it, you can explore the paths to the west of the city, where the fields of ...

from João Ruano,   Responsible Trails
Mountainbiking · Portugal
Route 02 Serpa (MTB XC Level 2 - Blue)
Difficulty Open
Distance 31.1 km
Duration 2:45 h
Ascent 362 m
Descent 362 m

This is the moderately difficult route accessible to most users. With it you can explore the West and South of Serpa, as well as the surroundings ...

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Mountainbiking · Portugal
Route 03 Serpa (MTB XC Level 3 - Red)
Difficulty Open
Distance 66 km
Duration 6:00 h
Ascent 586 m
Descent 586 m

This is a difficult route that allows you to explore the northern plains of this territory.

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Mountainbiking · Portugal
Route Variant 04 Serpa
Difficulty Open
Distance 10.9 km
Duration 1:00 h
Ascent 95 m
Descent 23 m

This route is intended to shorten the Route 04 Black. It establishes the connection between the villages of Vale de Vargo and Vila Nova de São Bento.

from João Ruano,   Responsible Trails
Difficulty Open
Distance 111.1 km
Duration 10:15 h
Ascent 900 m
Descent 900 m

This is the longest and most difficult route from the center. It runs the entire length of the municipality reaching the mountains of Malpique, ...

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Bicycle Service · Alentejo
Bike Station Serpa
Map / Bike Station Serpa

This Bike Station belongs to the Cyling'Portugal Center of Serpa. Discover all the routes that pass ...

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