Grande Rota Montanhas Mágicas

Grande Rota das Montanhas Mágicas - GR60

The GR60 - Grande Rota Montanhas Mágicas is a circular route with 275 km walking, and 280 km on mountain bike, which crosses 7 municipalities in central/northern Portugal, 4 sites of the Natura 2000 Network – Serras da Freita and Arada, Serra do Montemuro, Paiva River and Vouga River, and 1 UNESCO World Geopark – the Arouca Geopark.

Whether walking or cycling, set off on an adventure in the Magic Mountains!

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Difficulty difficult Multistage route
Distance 277.3 km
Duration 85:45 h
Ascent 9,625 m
Descent 9,635 m

To walk in the Great Route of the Magic Mountains is synonymous of challenge and, at the same time, liberation. 

from Inês Monteiro,   Responsible Trails
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multistage route
Distance 281.7 km
Duration 46:55 h
Ascent 9,420 m
Descent 9,415 m

This is the best bike route for those who wish to discover its limits, a well-kept secret for mountain bike lovers. 

from Inês Monteiro,   Responsible Trails