Grande Rota Montanhas Mágicas

Grande Rota das Montanhas Mágicas - GR60

The GR60 - Grande Rota Montanhas Mágicas is a circular route with 275 km walking, and 280 km on mountain bike, which crosses 7 municipalities in central/northern Portugal, 4 sites of the Natura 2000 Network – Serras da Freita and Arada, Serra do Montemuro, Paiva River and Vouga River, and 1 UNESCO World Geopark – the Arouca Geopark.

Whether walking or cycling, set off on an adventure in the Magic Mountains!

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Long distance hiking trail · Arouca
GR60 - Grand Route of the Magic Mountains [14 Stages]
Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route Open
Distance 277.3 km
Duration 85:45 h
Ascent 9,625 m
Descent 9,635 m

To walk in the Great Route of the Magic Mountains is synonymous of challenge and, at the same time, liberation. 

from Inês Monteiro,   Responsible Trails
recommended route Difficulty difficult Multi-stage route Open
Distance 281.7 km
Duration 46:55 h
Ascent 9,420 m
Descent 9,415 m

This is the best bike route for those who wish to discover its limits, a well-kept secret for mountain bike lovers. 

from Inês Monteiro,   Responsible Trails